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  1. JIS GB ASTM standard is available
  2. High quality and available price 3.cut the plate at your request
  3. Fast delivery

high strength, low temperature resistance, impact resistance, light weight, special shaped bars and widely use for railway, truck, coach, harbor machinery, bridge, steel structure building etc single side length:2-120mm, diameter: 5-150mm

high strength,high tenacity,high & low-temperature resistance, high pressure bearing, light weight, corrosion resistance, wear resistance etc round steel pipe size range: OD: 6-820 mm, WT: 0.8-55 mm,  Specific shaped tube perimeter range 40-2000mm, WT: 0.8-35mm

high strength(Rem≧960mpa), high tenacity(elongation A5%≧40), high & low-temperature resistance(KV2@-80℃≧100J), high pressure bearing

Dimout curtains for staterooms, crew areas and public areas.

Privacy curtain for bunk bed

CHJ86/NSC & CHJ86/NSC-I 250 V

CJPF86/NSC & CJPF96/NSC 0,6/1 kV

XB 5032 A / XB 5032 B and XB 5032 A / XB 5319


HP LA2006x - 20 inch LED Backlit LCD Monitor complete with Mariner Systems Mounting Kits MS1310, MS1315, MS1320

FASTIK 14- (C) Load Bearing Mastic - Epoxz resin for GTT NO 96 Containment Szstem for LNG Carrier

400 System (DCU 408/410, SDU 410, RIO 410 & RP 410 Units

DCU 305

Antti decorative print design