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U1, U2, U3 grades HDG, black tarred

Anchor Chain available in Studded and open link in various sizes from size d 11mm to 90mm.

Krasny Yakor is the leading manufacturer of anchor chains, for various types of Marine application.

Our clients trust us to produce only the highest possible quality product, tailor made to their highest standards.

Deck machine


Innovative patented naval hulls high hydrodynamic efficiency and energy savings of at least 20% and load capacity increased by 20%, called MONOTRICAT®, first displacement hull navigating at speed of planing hulls of spray self-produced and with resistance curve equal to a straight line.

As “Turkish Shipyards” we are giving ship repair, maintenance, recon, survey services in all Turkish ports, afloat, yards including docking and berth repairs 7/24 with price vise advantage.

Steel - Aluminium - Composite

Delivery of steel and aluminium constructions

Delivery of the hulls of: fishing vessels, tugboats, cargo ships and inland navigation craft (tankers,container ships, barges, pontoons, hopper barges, motorcrane barges, passenger ships, pushers, other vessels).

Atlantiss Marine Systems design and fabricate deck machineries for marine, industrial and offshore applications.

HDG, black tarred, sel color

HDG, black tarred, sel color