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We supply various Marine paints to vessel and the local industries

Coating systems that provide good corrosion protection, are easy to maintain, minimize surface flame spread and are available in any color of your choice.

we can supply you Phenalkmaine Epoxy curring agent, these are cost effect Epoxy system, especially designed for marine coatings, solvent free coatings, To be used for Primers. Product has excellent salt water resistance and can be cured at temp of 5 deg C.

Graco King 56:1 Airless Paint Sprayer For Sale

Original Graco King 56:1 has been overhauled and tested in our workplace. It is ready to dispatch.

You can find the technical specifications below

Agicoat 002 is a 100% waterborne acrylic coatings developed for direct-to-metal and over-primer application.

• Resists a wide range of acids, alkalies and solvents • Easy to apply, pour and spread • Provides a smooth, cleanable floor •Excellent adhesion

NEW Self-Polishing, High-Activity Antifouling Protection For Low-Activity Vessel. Agicot 0080 is direct-to-metal urethane that can be applied inside or outside. It is formulated to have excellent corrosion resistance

the product can be applied at twice the thickness in a single coat relative to the competitor. This provides the benefit of two coats in one – which saves labor and time, while protecting longer due to high film thickness

Plain Laminated Tubes

CerCo is the new type of high technology ceramic coating for marine industry purposes.

Linha de tratamento e pintura de paineis ou blocos

Our automatic painting line enables small and large series coating projects for different industrial products and materials. As well as normal wet-painting coating, all the effect and special coatings are possible to produce with different finishings.

Water printing technique is also known as Cubic Printing or 3D-Printing. The technic is well suited for cover printing of different products and is well suited for multidimensional products.

a cleaning method that utilizes a highly pressured stream of water in order to remove old paint, chemicals, or build up without damaging the original surface

Tratamento anticorrosivo, revestimento e pintura.