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Development Blog is here!

How would you feel if one day you’d walk  in to your office and found a strange case on your table?

No manual or explanation from where and why it is there.

We thought that the same might go for your SHIPSU-account. You log in and find out that there are features, but from where and what for?

The development blog is our way of telling you how and why to use some of the features of SHIPSU.

You will also find information about new upcoming features and what they hold inside.

To celebrate the new development blog, we will begin a series of blog posts, that weekly go through features already in SHIPSU.

Our first post next week will be diving into the core of the service – the Market. Stay tuned!

Can’t wait for the blog posts? Check out our tutorials to learn more about our features.

Juha Pihkakoski

Marketing Manager at SHIPSU - Writes about the latest development of the service and how to create additional value in your marketing efforts through digital solutions.

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