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Is sourcing today still a little like buying a pig in a poke?

Or that you would want to give more information, when quoting for something, but you are not allowed because you don’t want to mess up the quote?

Product and service information

As we found out in last week’s Development Blog post, you make your own fortune in SHIPSU. You will have the possibility to give as much information about your products, that will help buyers to make their sourcing decisions.

You will be able to give information about your products such as:

[one-third first]

Product details* 

Product code*
Place of origin
Brand name*
Material types



Payment & Shipping

Unit price
Minimum sale quantity
Ports of delivery
Time of delivery to port
Delivery to shipping



Product description

Packaging details




Service details* (for services)

Service Description

*These fields are found by the search engine

To help a buyer budget their purchases, we recommend that your give a price evaluation to the price field. This price is not binding, but more of an directional.

Search Engine

Another nice thing regarding also the descriptions is the search engine. With the search engine a buyer is able to search by:

Provider name

Product or Service name


Ship name
IMO number
Ship operator name

What this mean is that, you can actually search with a ships IMO number and find all of the products used in that specific ship, that are provided in SHIPSU. Nice isn’t it?

Want to know more about service and product information? See our tutorials!

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