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Usually, the best things come in the smallest packages. This time in a small envelope. This envelope icon on top of your SHIPSU page leads you to the Messaging Console. 

Who is it for?

Buyers that wish to ask details about products or service from the provider company. Messaging also allows support after the sale and helps when ordering. Buyers and providers are able to negotiate through the system between different stages of order.

Providers can be contacted through the messaging by buyers. Providers can also communicate to other providers for example, when co-operating.

In short, buyers will usually be the initiators of SHIPSU Messaging. Once initiated the dialogue will last until one of the participants chooses to disable communication for the time being.

Why internal messaging?

Since most fields of sourcing is already in the system, we wish to offer a possibility for negotiations and after sales support.  It lowers the amount of e-mail you receive, when all SHIPSU related messaging happens in the same platform.

Using it?

This feature is yet another tool for helping buyers and providers on their sourcing and sales. To begin SHIPSU Messaging, simply click the small envelope icon on top of your SHIPSU interface or go to a company’s page and find “Shipsu message” in it’s contact details.

Wish to learn more about SHIPSU Messaging? Have a look at our tutorials.

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