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Marine product and service trade system released

The last big piece of the puzzle is set to place.

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We have recently launched and internal trade system in SHIPSU.  The system allows buyers to source and providers to sell the products and services in the in the Market.

So how does it work?

Buyer collects items to company’s order cart. After one is satisfied with the items in the cart the buyer is able to do one click multiple RFQ’s. That’s right, even though you might have items from more than one provider, you only need to fill one RFQ with the needed information. If you wish to send customized RFQ’s to each provider, simply put the items in different order carts and RFQ them seperately. Information you give on your RFQ is up to you and you can also include attachments. When filled just send it and it is directed to the provider automatically.

Providers will get an e-mail notification, that they have received RFQ and are able to find the RFQ in question from their SHIPSU Messaging console. After viewing the RFQ they are able to decline or quote for it. It allows them to give prices, additional specifications, item group and whole discounts as well as estimate freight costs and give specific conditions. Remember that one can also choose which specific products he wants to quote for.

Buyer will receive the quote and can now decide to either order or decline the quote. If at any point the buyer feels the need to ask additional information in the process or wishes to negotiate, one is able to contact the provider via SHIPSU Message or e-mail given by the provider. All of your sourcing and sales actions can now theoretically be done in one single platform. Isn’t that great?

Tutorials for the Order System will be available in each step of the process.


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