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STX France has interest towards Finnish maritime contractors

It seems, that STX France is having real interest towards the Finnish maritime contractors, who have done works in STX Finland in previous Oasis-class projects. According to news today, STX France may be contracting Finnish maritime subcontractors in RCI’s third Oasis –class vessel project, which we wrote a lot late 2012. The news talked about decent amount of orders, summing up to 100+ million Euros. This is absolutely great news for Finnish shipbuilding cluster, who have excellent references in Oasis of the Seas and Allure of the Seas projects.

STX France  Finnish maritime cluster

STX France trading with Finnish maritime cluster?

Thumbs up for this news and I sincerely hope it will become reality in the very near future. When SHIPSU visited STX France, the buyers indicated, that the orders would be send out before summer 2013 and this would be the time then.

This is a great proof, that shipbuilding is an international business, and when the resources exist, it is worthwhile to sell and promote the references!

Mikko Varjanne

Chief Operational Officer, M.sc Econ, Bachelor of Hotel, Restaurant and Tourism Management, In maritime industry since 1998

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