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FCR Finland donated children’s equipment

A Finnish company specialized in cruise and passenger vessels refurbishment works announced today, that they donated children’s equipment to the federation of mother and child homes and shelters in Turku. The company,  Oy FCR Finland Ltd a member of SHIPSU provider network did turnkey refurbishment projects on the Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines vessel Independence of the Seas in April 2013 when she was docked in Germany.

Indepence of the Seas in Germany

Indepence of the Seas in Germany


Among other areas on board, FCR Finland built a totally new Nursery area onboard, for the youngest cruise passengers. Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines wants to keep them happy as well and the concept has been built to match the latest requirements as well provide a safe and sound place for the kids and even babies to have  a peaceful nap or play with friends while kept on eye by professional nursemaids.

Due to serial of small misunderstandings, both total turnkey contractor FCR Finland and RCCL, the owner, had purchased children’s equipment to the area. So, there was double set of high class:

– beds with mattresses (four of them)

– a safe rocking chair for nursing or feeding a baby

– kids activity table with shallow chairs

– wall mountable baby changing table of stainless steel mountings

What to do? Both FCR Project manager Jukka Visasalo and RCCL representatives agreed, that FCR can donate the  equipment purchased by them to a relevant organization. FCR shipped the goods back to Finland, paid taxes and duties and asked around, who might be in need for this kind of set of equipment.

Today, Jukka Visasalo carried the set of equipment to Child home of Turku and FCR donated the equipment to the organization. There the organization representatives, who will maintain anonymous, received the shipment with great joy and gratefulness. These kind of organizations, which operate non-commercially are always in the need of such equipment.

“This is small gesture of generosity to us and it makes a difference to give these to the those in need.” says Jukka Visasalo.

FCR Finland donates children's equipment

FCR Finland donates children’s equipment. Picture: Mikko Varjanne – SHIPSU.com

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