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Updated Provider profiles


This time we are tackling the case of Provider profiles. So far we have offered the Provider Regular profile for our users, which has been very successful. Still, during the last months we have been developing a new level of membership to get new users started with the service easier.

The Provider Lite profile

What is it?

As the name says it’s a lighter version of the provider profile and it is FREE! With the profile you are able to sign in to the service and add your company profile with products, which will be shown in the Market.

Value for your money

Provider Regular subscription is now Provider Premium and as the name suggests it has a wider range of properties, than the Lite version – value for your money. In addition to the Lite, the Premium offers features like:

To get the full benefit of SHIPSU’s service, the Premium profile is a must have although trade is possible with even the Lite version.

Learn more about Provider Lite and Premium as well as their pricing.

Juha Pihkakoski

Marketing Manager at SHIPSU - Writes about the latest development of the service and how to create additional value in your marketing efforts through digital solutions.

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