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Langh Ship has invented a functional closed loop scrubber

Because of the  upcoming new regulations regarding sulphur levels in exhaust gases, the ship owners have been struggling to find cost-efficient solutions to meet those environmental regulations. Those regulations state, that in sulphur emission control area (SECA) allowed emissions will be tightened such that the sulphur limit for fuel will drop to 0.1% (from 1.0%) at the start of 2015. Last week an interesting news was released, stating that Finnish ship owner Langh Ship has invented a functional closed loop scrubber! Langh ship announcement reveals the facts and figures by clicking this link.

Cleaner exhaust

Cleaner exhaust

What makes this special is, that the task of creating a functional scrubber, has been very problematic for the largest engine manufacturers of the world but a small shipping company succeeds in their R&D work so fast. How is this possible? In my opinnion Langh Ship and the founder Hans Langh is a very creative individual, an entrepreneur, who understand the meaning of innovation and definitely knows what the customer needs, as in this case his own shipping company and their vessel Laura is the first vessel to receive the invention to beta testing.


I spoke about this theme a few years ago in a European Entrepreneurs’ conference, where Mr. Hans Langh and Mr. Hannu Luoto the CEO of a SHIPSU member Oy FCR Finland Ltd. In this event both received a honorable mention in their fields of business, Mr. Hans Lang was awarded the pioneering work in the shipping business for decades and FCR for growth and innovation in the shipbuilding business. Back then Mr. Langh mentioned briefly, that if a cost-effective and functional closed loop scrubber cannot be found from the market, one must be done in-house through own R&D.

I highly appreciate such attitude and the outcome is now out in the market. I also listened to Mr. Langh’s presentation about innovation in a Maritime industry conference in Turku a couple of weeks ago, where I spoke about networking in maritime marketing to the audience. I have to say that Langh Ship really is much more than just a shipping company. The story of their business development is extremely interesting and I look forward with great joy to see where the story goes.

Mikko Varjanne

Chief Operational Officer, M.sc Econ, Bachelor of Hotel, Restaurant and Tourism Management, In maritime industry since 1998

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