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Using videos will increase your sales

It might sound like promising a lot, when saying that your sales can increase by simply doing videos. Still, there is logical reasoning behind these claims.

Take a real work example that often comes, when you are sourcing for something. Anything from services to products. You go through different providers’ web pages, brochures and whitepapers full of technical and marketing text, which takes minutes, hours or even days. Suddenly, you find a provider that offers the same mass of reading material and in addition a simple 1 to 5 minute video that explains it all. Which one would you go for, video or text?

Which one would you choose?

Increasing sales

Videos can at best create the direct impact of increasing sales by getting the prospect to act faster and choose your goods instead of competitor’s. In addition it can work indirectly through building your company brand in the long run.

Here are six goals that a well-made product or company video can help you achieve:

1. You are remembered

Video among your other material will be remembered better by the prospect since they can hear and see at the same time, which helps the mind register things better.

2. You differentiate

Your videos will never be the same as your competitors’ and they shouldn’t be.  In the videos, you can bring out the “personality” of your company. You might also be in a situation, where your competitors aren’t using videos, which makes standing out even easier.

3. You seem more personal

Hearing a natural person speaking brings the corporation to a more personal level and encourages the prospect to take action by contacting the company. Being more personal will also increase the trustworthiness of your company.

4. You are easily understandable

English is a widely used language in the business world. Still, many of the speakers are not native speakers. This means that they might not understand everything in your written material, so showing and telling combined will fill in the blanks and help to understand the content.

5. You can present expertise and experience

References matter a lot in this industry. Why not bring them out more? Maybe you’d like to present your references in a visual form in a video, all in more or less in a minute? Show the solutions you have done, companies you have worked with and products you offer with different possible variations.

6. You are doing work for the prospect already 

Like all other living things, we aim to use the least amount of energy to do things. This is in no way a bad thing, but we tend to like the things that make our life easier and efficient. With a video you are letting the prospect to use less energy finding out about your company or goods.[divider style=”shadow”]

Think about the content

Content is a two edged sword in these videos. The video itself can be authentic and seem like it’s not from a high end production company, but what it is showing is a different story. If you’re not creating additional value with the video, but simply doing it because it was said here, you will do more harm than good. So, before doing, think:  Is this really needed? Picking the right content isn’t hard and you probably know best, what your customers wish to know and what is asked about your products, when you are contacted.

So go and make videos. They are informative, cost efficient and fun to make. Also have a look at our latest company video:

Feel that some points are missing? Please give me a comment.

Juha Pihkakoski

Marketing Manager at SHIPSU - Writes about the latest development of the service and how to create additional value in your marketing efforts through digital solutions.

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