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Videos will increase customer satisfaction

Previously, we focused on how videos your company produces help you sell better. This time we will go through, how videos can keep up your customer satisfaction with less resources. Simply said, happier customers with less work. Naturally customer satisfaction comes from a number of things such as living up to promises. Still lets stay on the side of videos to create the satisfaction.

The different solutions you can offer to your customers are:

Usage training


This can mean at its simplest providing the service or using the product on video and explaining how to use it. Traditionally, this is done by writing tutorials, but with video the person can do the actions themselves while listening and/or seeing the video. This also comes back to the fact discussed in the previous post that people tend to use the least amount of energy possible to do something. In this case learning.


When your company is presenting something new like a new model or feature, videos are a good way to communicate to your customers about the changes and get them exited. This also helps your own organisation’s people to get knowledge and hype about what’s about to come. It can also lower the possible resistance to changes.

News from the company

Getting on the six o’ clock news might not be the best way to give news about your company, because many of the viewers simply aren’t your core audience. Thanks to video sharing services, you can broadcast your own informative news content about, what is happening in your company. This can be a weekly video blog from the company CEO or the kind of video that suits your company. Yet again, you are making your company more accessible and personal.


Storytelling doesn’t mean that it isn’t true. You are simply creating a persona for your company for people to relate to. So, open the doors to your facilities and company history. Tell how it all began and what you are doing today and how. Customers are often interested how their products are made. By letting them see your ways, you are not only creating a more personal image, but also showing that you have nothing to hide in the ways you do things. This creates transparency and in the end trust.

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As you can see from these few examples, using videos is a powerful tool for executing marketing communications even to existing customers. Don’t fool yourself to think that all of the above have to be done or that there aren’t more solutions. Sure there are. As an example, we have so far chosen usage training as the type of videos, we produce at this moment for our existing customers to help them use our system.

After figuring out the best solutions for your company, go and create!

Juha Pihkakoski

Marketing Manager at SHIPSU - Writes about the latest development of the service and how to create additional value in your marketing efforts through digital solutions.

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