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Online references enable global trade

Recently, YLE News wrote an article that we found very encouraging within the SHIPSU staff. The news was about, how internet presence has helped a Finnish company receive a significant order from an Australian company.

The background

A company called Solving Oy manufactures among other things, automatic forklifts with the resources of 50 employees and a subcontractor network of 30 operators. Two years ago they were contacted by an Australian mining company BHP Billiton Iron Ore that was in need of large quantities of their goods for their ore wagon repair shop. The forklifts were intended to be used for all lifting duties inside the repair shop.

So how does mining and marine industry come together?

Well here comes the real point. Solving’s CEO was surprised by the fact that a company all the way from Australia was able to find, track them down and request their specialized products. Their conclusion for the reason, why this happened was that the company sourcing, found Solving, their past sales and references online and was convinced enough to begin requesting.

As we have gone through in our previous posts B2B is going to the same direction as B2C, when it comes to internet based sourcing and sales. This case is a perfect example of a company finding what fits their needs most likely simply by searching with a search engine. Increasing amounts of evidence point to the fact that sourcing is beginning to move to web-based solutions in different industries. While mining industry still relies on searching all over internet and other networks to find the right solutions, marine industry professional are able to market, sell and source within a niche network online used by only industry professionals.

Source: YLE News (in Finnish)

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