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Sell benefits instead of features: The FAB Method

Even though marine industry and shipbuilding is a highly technical and engineering driven field, it still works with the same principles as other B2B and B2C industries, when it comes to selling and buying products and services.

Buyers are buying solutions, not products. These solutions just happen to come in the form of your products. The buyer might not know as much about the products you are selling or the best way to compare them with your competitor’s. This is why your company, when doing a bit more leg work to bring out the actual benefit to the customer, can benefit a lot.

Bringing out the benefit

One simple way of making your goods more desirable is to bring out, what exactly does the buyer benefit. Feature – Advantage – Benefit (FAB for short) model helps with this. The model works in any field of business. Here’s few examples from everyday life and marine industry. So which one sounds better? “Buy this car, it has a hybrid engine” or “Buy this car and you save money, when you use it” Very often the information given about a product is left to the Feature level, which is already good, but when selling benefits instead of features, you are providing solutions to the actual problem or need.

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