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Increase maritime aftersales with QR codes


Example code for TVV Marine Lighting’s product

QR codes are widely used in advertisement, whether it’s outside advertisement or product packaging. Even though we see QR codes as an advertisement support to get clients to go to a website with their mobile devices, we rarely remember that they were originally designed for industries.

But how could they be used in maritime industry? Well, the short answer is: aftersales. To give more insight here’s the long answer on how you are able to use these codes to do more aftersales and help the end buyers find product’s manufacturer by combining QR codes and SHIPSU Market.

Provider in SHIPSU, whether Lite or Premium, is able to add their products and services to the Market. From there they can take the needed link information and create a QR code, which can then be put to the products sold. When the Buyer feels the need to order a new piece of the same product, they can simply scan the code and find the product right away.

See, how easy it is to find products with QR code in just 30 seconds

and learn how to do it, from the Market with QR code in to two different sets of guides:

Provider – How to create a QR code for your product in 3 simple steps

Buyer – How to find the provider of a product you have

If you have any other ways of using QR codes to ease up marine industry’s sales and sourcing, please leave a comment.

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