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New payment methods

In the beginning of May, SHIPSU will enable payments via credit cards. In the beginning these payments are available for paying the subscriptions of Provider Premium and Buyer Regular. In the future additional services can also be paid with a credit card. Here’s few ways our users can benefit from using credit card instead of invoicing:

It’s faster. The chosen subscription type will be activated at the time that the payment for it has been made. Previously this has taken up to days or even weeks. With a credit card payments it will literally take only seconds.

It’s more secure. No more worrying about, if the bill has gotten paid or has it been lost in transportation. Now the user will be dealing directly with the credit card operator.

It’s more flexible. Paying for the subscription won’t be tied to being in the office to get the bill paid.

Credit card payment will be available to both old and new customers. The payment method change will not change the idea of Provider Premium being a fixed rate annually paid subscription with no extra charges.

For any questions about the change please contact info@shipsu.com

Better user experience and beauty through simplicity

Easily noticeable, if one has previously visited SHIPSU.com. We have introduced new visuals to it, following the principles of flat design. As the basics of flat design aims to achieve functionality and beauty through simplicity, it was also, what we wanted to achieve with the transformation.

SHIPSU is meant to be used as a tool, a bit more sophisticated hammer for nailing your sales, marketing and sourcing. We wanted to bring out, what it can actually do. So we decided to skip the spinning rims and the bright yellow paint and put one of the most important things on top – the search.

Now, when a buyer user comes to SHIPSU.com they can immediately search for providers’ products and services. Simplicity doesn’t mean that we have left something out. The Market is still as it was before as well as all of the help functions, tutorials and as you can see the blog. The road to the actual core is just shorter.

Here you can see the old meet the new version. Which one would you go for?

Videos will increase customer satisfaction

Previously, we focused on how videos your company produces help you sell better. This time we will go through, how videos can keep up your customer satisfaction with less resources. Simply said, happier customers with less work. Naturally customer satisfaction comes from a number of things such as living up to promises. Still lets stay on the side of videos to create the satisfaction.

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Using videos will increase your sales

It might sound like promising a lot, when saying that your sales can increase by simply doing videos. Still, there is logical reasoning behind these claims.

Take a real work example that often comes, when you are sourcing for something. Anything from services to products. You go through different providers’ web pages, brochures and whitepapers full of technical and marketing text, which takes minutes, hours or even days. Suddenly, you find a provider that offers the same mass of reading material and in addition a simple 1 to 5 minute video that explains it all. Which one would you go for, video or text?

Which one would you choose?

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Langh Ship has invented a functional closed loop scrubber

Because of the  upcoming new regulations regarding sulphur levels in exhaust gases, the ship owners have been struggling to find cost-efficient solutions to meet those environmental regulations. Those regulations state, that in sulphur emission control area (SECA) allowed emissions will be tightened such that the sulphur limit for fuel will drop to 0.1% (from 1.0%) at the start of 2015. Last week an interesting news was released, stating that Finnish ship owner Langh Ship has invented a functional closed loop scrubber! Langh ship announcement reveals the facts and figures by clicking this link.

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