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Third Oasis Class ship – rumour or reality

Finnish newspapers, local newpaper in Turku being the first, have been writing quite a lot about a rumour concerning the third Oasis Class ship to be negotiated between STX Finland and Royal Caribbean Cruises. Currently we, who work for neither one of these parties, can only speculate about the idea. So, let’s speculate a little. I will write this based purely on speculation and pulling all the known rumours and newspaper articles together. This series of short speculations will have three parts, which consist of three angles:

  1. Finnish shipbuilding  cluster and government – Part I
  2. Royal Caribbean Cruises
  3. STX Finland – Turku shipyard and the group

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Help buyers find your ship supplies and services

Is sourcing today still a little like buying a pig in a poke?

Or that you would want to give more information, when quoting for something, but you are not allowed because you don’t want to mess up the quote?

Product and service information

As we found out in last week’s Development Blog post, you make your own fortune in SHIPSU. You will have the possibility to give as much information about your products, that will help buyers to make their sourcing decisions.

You will be able to give information about your products such as:

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Straight to the core with SHIPSU Market

The marketplace is often the heart of even the smallest city or village. Not referring that SHIPSU has anything to do with cities and villages, the Market is also the heart of this service.

This core function is made for both user groups of the service (buyers and providers) and what’s good for providers is good for buyers and vice versa.

The main idea is to create a catalogue like -feeling, where, providers add their selection to the database and  buyer users are able to browse, search and in the future RFQ for them.

But there’s more…

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Development Blog is here!

How would you feel if one day you’d walk  in to your office and found a strange case on your table?

No manual or explanation from where and why it is there.

We thought that the same might go for your SHIPSU-account. You log in and find out that there are features, but from where and what for?

The development blog is our way of telling you how and why to use some of the features of SHIPSU.

You will also find information about new upcoming features and what they hold inside.

To celebrate the new development blog, we will begin a series of blog posts, that weekly go through features already in SHIPSU.

Our first post next week will be diving into the core of the service – the Market. Stay tuned!

Can’t wait for the blog posts? Check out our tutorials to learn more about our features.

For shipbuilding industry’s professionals

As you may already know, SHIPSU –market has been growing the network of awareness and buyer as well as provider base since the launch in early June 2012.

The SHIPSU –market has been developed continuously, but we have not been telling too much out about our mission, vision and actions. Today this will change. This blog is not only about SHIPSU but also about the persons we meet, companies we hook up with and the industry itself.

SHIPSU –market is created to serve shipbuilding industry as a connecting tool between the buyers and providers. There are several ways for both parties to benefit of our platform and we want to bring some requested information from the buyers to public and the latest news to you in this blog. We will not be just writing about ourselves, but continuously keeping you posted about what’s happening on the field. There are interesting opportunities out there, when you keep your eyes open. We keep our eyes open and will let you know, when we find out anything new.

I can give you a hint, that we will have professional guest bloggers too. Either blogging themselves or being interviewed and quoted.