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This FAQ holds Frequently Answered Questions and their answers. If you cannot find answer to your question, please ask it through the contact form. For usage training, please see our PDF and Video Tutorials in the Tutorials page.

Q: What is the difference between Buyer Profile and Provider Profile?

A: Profiles offered by SHIPSU (Provider and Buyer) define whether you are selling (Provider) or buying (Buyer) marine industry products and services. Both profiles have a separate registration which you have to choose, when beginning registration. Easiest way to register is to click “Join” in the upper right corner and choose your profile.

Q: What is the difference between Provider Lite and Provider Premium profiles?

A: Lite is a good start to get in to using SHIPSU with your own company profile and products/service in the Market. To get all of the benefits of SHIPSU we recommend the Premium profile.

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Q: I have added a product, but it says (Hidden) next to the name. How can I make them visible?

A: When you create a product/service it will be hidden by default and one must visit the product’s page and press “Reveal” and it will no longer be hidden. Products/services are hidden by default, for a user might be drafting so one must reveal it themselves.

Q: I have recently registered, but I can’t reveal my products. Why?

A: Your profile has not yet been verified by SHIPSU’s administration. You will receive notice via e-mail when this happens. You can already add products, but can make them visible after verification.

Q: Our company deals in both sales and sourcing in maritime industry. Which profile should I take?

A: Please contact info@shipsu.com. We have a custom solution for your company.